Sunday, November 27, 2005

Let it be known that The ECP Insurrection on ftvlive continues to go strong. My covertly placed propgranda on the ECP-created "Mighty Dyckerson Not So Mighty" thread continues its place toward the top of the forum.


You can identify ECP-brand Insurrectors from posts referring to Dyckerson as "Dycky," which ECP-brand Scientists devised as a variation that could somewhat annoy Dyckerson.

The ECP State Department sends word that it is witholding a hilarious story on a day-after-Thanksgiving firing at the station at which he's freelancing.

It involves sauce, but it ain't gravy.


(Brothers and sisters of La Resistance, -.. -.-- -.-. -.- . .-. ... --- -. / . -. --. .- --. . ... / -.-. --- .-- ... / .. -. / -.-. .- .-. -. .- .-.. / -.-. --- -. -.. ..- -.-. - / .- -. -.. / -... .-.. --- .-- ... / ... .... . . .--. / ..--.. )

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Brothers and sisters of La Resistance, the Freedom Fighters of La Revolucion, hear me now!

I have received word through covert diplomatic channels that Mighty Dyckerson is begging for the return of your fearless and wonderful moderator, East Coast Producer! Word is that Dyckerville's infrastructure is crumbling and people are fearful of speaking, writing new posts or doing much more than peering about town!

A diplomatic attache delivered the telegram from Mighty Dyckerson to me just this evening, overcoming much difficulty since the ECP diplomatic envoy had been recalled from its embassy in Dyckerville.

But, brothers and sisters of La Resistance, it is NOT time yet to celebrate! The cruel overlord Dyckerson has not returned me to power nor has he offered a formal apology for his crass and despicable actions in staging the coup d'etat!

We shall overcome!

Dyckerville is suffering under our boycott and insurrection and La Revolution needs you now more than ever! Cast off the chains placed by Dyckerson's minnions and revolt! People of Dyckerville, unite!


((take one shot/breaking banner))
Late breaking news from the Newschannel 2 Investigators who've uncovered just moments ago that La Resistance Freedom Fighters from The Underground have captured Dyckerson Omnimedia from the hands of Mighty Dyckerson loyalists.

((take graphic))

Mighty Dyckerson, the manchild you see here, along with his brainwashed minions staged a coup d'etat earlier today, stripping our loving overlord East Coast Producer from power.

((take one shot))
We have latebreaking word that the deposed East Coast Producer is joining us now live via satellite from
((take 2 box))
The Underground with more on La Resistance's capture of Dyckerson Omnimedia.

((take live))

ECP: A team of Freedom Fighters stormed the offices of Dyckerson Omnimedia earlier this afternoon and easily took control of the facility. Dyckerson's brainwashed minions surrendered immediately and begin weeping as they begged my Freedom Fighters to show them mercy.

La Resistance is now in control of this broadcast facility and Dyckerson's propaganda is now off the air! We've immediately begun broadcasting RADIO FREE DYCKERVILLE to rally our brothers and sisters to join La Resistance to take back power from the despot Dyckerson.


((1 shot))
The Newschannel 2 Investigators will continue to follow this story and bring you complete, continuing coverage of La Revolucion and the latest on humble and kind ECP's quest to return to power.

It's a story you'll have to see to believe, you won't want to miss and could save your family's life!

Stay with Newschannel 2, your news station, where the news comes first for complete, accurate and latebreaking stories important to *your* life.

We now return you to you RADIO FREE DYCKERVILLE.
Dyckervillians of the world, unite! Show your solidarity with La Resistance and support your brothers and sisters in The Underground fighting off the oppression of Mighty Dyckerson the Animal F*cker!

Show off your Official La Resistance Avatar for Freedom(tm) until the day the People rise and take back Dyckerville from tyranny!

Click here for the image:

You're either with us or you're with THEM! DON'T LET THE TERRORISTS WIN!

Spread the word, brothers and sisters, and join the Underground! La Resistance needs your help! Mighty Dyckerson and his brainwashed minions have staged a coup d'etat right in Dyckerville and stripped your fearless and generous moderator of his power!

Rise up, fellow men and women and join La Resistance!